This document describes the development process and goals of the U3a Siteworks development project. This is intended as a starting point for new developers wanting to join the development team. The main page gives a brief overview of the tools and technologies which are used – each one has a link to a subsidiary page so you can (optionally) follow that link for more details if you need more than the overview.

Here is a list of technologies you will need to have a grasp of.

The resources page provides a list of documents and tools which you will need – including forums which you may need to be given the appropriate access rights.

The training page provides a list of available training materials, but each sub page also links to the training resources in the particular domain.

U3a Siteworks is a project whose goal is to provide a set of wordpress plugins to assist the U3a web administrators in migrating existing SiteBuilder based websites and/or developing site pages. The intention is that the administrators be free to create whatever functionality they wish, but in a consistent style across many or all U3as. The style consistency is achieved by developing a theme to which all pages conform – more details of that in the wordpress page.

The project code is stored in github. During the development process the team clone repositories locally and work on changes by creating a branch, developing and testing the change locally – using localWP, the vscode editor or atom, and xdebug. The branch is then checked in, and another team member is requested to review the change – which is finally merged into main on approval.

The SiteWorks plugin code relies on some other wordpress plugins, so these must be installed for our sites to function. These are listed here.

Alongside the plugins there is a set of auxilliary code, and a migration utility enabling the old SiteBuilder sites to be migrated partially automated way, leaving the web administrator with some formatting changes to complete the process.