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Most of the heavy lifting such as populating the lists of groups etc has been done by the migration but there are some formatting changes as the siteworks export does not match 100% to the block formatted equivalent in SiteWorks. The webadmins work here is to refactor these to arrive at a good-looking site.

These required changes can be categorized as:

  1. Differences of formatting as the new site is formatted according to siteworks UI guidelines. These are usually improvements to make the site more conformant, and do not need changing unless you do not like them.
  2. Differences caused by limitations of the migration process. It is not a perfect match and can sometimes produce odd effects such as missing links to documents – even though the documents are present in the media.

Pages and Layouts

Some of the pages may be divided into columns, with most of the content on the left, and some links on the right – these do not directly migrate and appear as two consecutive paragraphs. To reformat this, you need a columns block. Create a columns block, and inside each column create a paragraph and copy/paste the two paragraphs into them.

Some pages may have been converted to a single paragraph. If there were images within the text, these have been moved to a separate gallery at the bottom of the page. Before you start editing any page, click somewhere on the page and select “convert to blocks”. The text becomes a block, so you can go down the page adding breaks, which forms separate blocks for each paragraph – then if you want to move the images back in place with a paragraph you can create a “Media with text” block and paste in the text and the image.

The menus are mostly present, but some may be missing or wrongly ordered. Select “appearance”, “editor” in the wp_admin, and click on each menu item, using the left/right arrows in the popup control to sort the items. Click + in the menu and add the two missing items. You can add links from these new menu items to their associated pages. Save the changes and refresh the site.

There may be a few further formatting differences, but folllowing the principle of converting each page to blocks, then chosing the most appropriate block style for the content solves them all.