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  • The project is managed using OpenProject, and the base page for that is You will need to request access to that page eventually, but its not the most urgent. In it you will find the list of incoming defects/work items, and the list of people involved in the wider project as well as development.
  • A short welcome once you have access:
  • Siteworks training page, including wordpress resources:
  • A siteworks dev team google drive is here, again you will need to be given access
  • vscode Is the editor of choice. It neatly integrates with github and allows comfortable editing of pages, as well as having plugin facilities to allow autocompletion and discovery of the wordpress API. It also integrates with xdebug to allow code stepping and breakpoints. Vscode needs to be configured with plugins to make it useful in a php project – the vscode page recommendations.
  • atom is another good editor if you dont want vscode. Also nicely integrated with github – but the project has been sunset since 2022 – so really not worth learning if you don’t already use it.
  • This is our core github repository You will need to request access to that one for the main core of the project, but also these other ones for some aspects of the project which are not in core: