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The repositories which are not part of core are:

u3a-siteworks-theme. Part of the SiteWorks project goals is to permit site administrators to easily produce sites with a common look and feel. This involves specifying the fonts and colours of some blocks – these definitions, amongst other items, are gathered together and wrapped as a wordpress theme, which can be selected by the administrator as the theme for their site.

u3a-siteworks-contact-form. The contacts available in the siteworks core hold personal details such as name and email address – these should not be displayed to a user to prevent spamming. The contact form takes the place of display of a contact, and presents only an input form for an email enquiry, without displaying the address to which the email will be sent.

u3a-import-export. The groups, events, notices and contacts are held in the websites database alongside other pages and posts. These might need to be backed up to CSV files or imported from other sites. This project handles that function.

u3a-siteworks-migration. The SiteBuilder team are capable of providing an exported dump of any u3a website including all content and groups, venues etc. The plugin u3a-siteworks-migration handles uploading those exports into a SiteWorks site, and does a ‘best fit’ job of formatting the new site. It is expected that some manual tweaking will be required after this migration been performed.

u3a-siteworks-configuration. This project holds the configuration data for a SiteWorks site. TODO.

u3a-siteworks-dashboard TODO.