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This documentation gives an overview of the SiteWorks project – most of the training and documentation needed to become a siteworks developer is spread across youtube, stackoverflow and various training pages on wordpress, php, localwp and vscode. The links to these are constantly changing so here we just list the various technologies which you will need to know something about. Some of the most useful links are contained in the resources page.

  • The PHP language, and how PHP scripts are embedded into dynamic HTML pages such that the page can be generated on a web server and shipped off to a browser.
  • Cascading style sheets and HTML – How styles are used to generate lok and feel to be applied to the HTML presented.
  • WordPress usage. How to build web pages and posts from blocks. The choice of blocks available, and how wordpress roles and access rights allow administrators to have full site access, editors to edit their pages, and end users to just interact with the site.
  • WordPress administration – how to set up localwp, how to create a site, and how to import an existing site from a zip file. How to run the administrator, and how to review pages. Finally how to transfer a locally built site to a web server.
  • WordPress development. How wordpress uses comments in HTML to insert wordpress API calls, so that the wordpress functionality can be embedded in a page, in a similar way to the PHP scripts.
  • WordPress plugin development. How wordpress API calls can be called within plugin code to allow access to wordpress hooks and filters – thus allowing the wordpress engine to call your plugin code at particular hook and filter points in website processing.
  • xdebug and vscode – How to edit php code, how to access code-completion and the wordpress api inline help directly from the editor. How to start the debugger, set breakpoints, step, examine variables.
  • github. How to clone, check out, create branches, pull, commit and push code.