This page provides a set of user guides for use by the Web Managers, Editors and Authors of the Pioneer sites. Currently the individual pdf documents are effectively drafts, prior to being moved to a fully searchable knowledge base . Hence suggestions for corrections and enhancements should be requested by raising a bug in the usual manner (a summary of the process is here).

You can download the pdf documents, as follows: Chrome right-click the link and select “Save link as….”. . Firefox it should download automatically, Edge with view the file in a new tab with a button to download it.

Users should be aware that once, any user guide is in what ever format is downloaded and/or printed, that version becomes uncontrolled, and hence will not reflect the content of the latest version.

Note: as from mid-May 2023, the downloadable documents are not being fully maintained, the latest complete version of the documentation is located here . If you select visit from the table below, you will be directed to the latest version, relating to that topic.

Download or visit
Preparing your site for Migration: A list of actions to do in your SiteBuilder site to help make the Migration process go smoothly.All1.3Visit
User Management: Setting up use roles and access rights.AdministratorsN/AVisit
Login and Dashboard overview: Description of the Login process and Dashboard, including options, passwords and configuration options.All1.6Download
Maintenance Mode: Placing site into an edit only modeAdministratorsN/AVisit
Publishing Overview: Overview of how a WordPress web page is constructed, together with an introduction to block editingAll1.3Download
Media Management: Overview of the WordPress Media LibraryAll1..1Download
Editing: Inserting and formatting text: including lists, tables, groups and adding links.All1.3Download
Editing: Adding Images, including adding images into WordPress media blocks.All1..2Download
Editing: Additional Block Options: Use of Blocks in SiteWorks and WordPress to provide extra functionally, including the Query LoopAll1.3Download
Page Overview: Overview of creating, editing and publishing a WordPress PageAll1.0Download
Post Overview: Use of post to provide rapid updatingAll1.2Download
Notices: Use of the u3a Notices featureAll1.2Download
Editing u3a Specific Information: Details on editing contacts and venues together with group and events informationAdministrators1.3Download
Editing Group Pages: Adding an editing group, and how the SiteWorks displays the informationAll1.0Download
Editing Event Pages: Adding an editing group, and how the SiteWorks displays the informationAll1.0Download
Headers and Footers Editing the header including the navigation menu and the footer.Administrators1.3Download
Home Page: Configuring and editing the Home PageAdministrators1.1Download
Plugins: Overview of the required Plugin.AdministratorsN/AVisit
Title and document linkDescriptionApplicable to…
1. Login and dashboard overviewDescription of Login  process and dashboard, including roles and access rightsAll
2.1 Editing – Inserting and formatting TextOverview of WordPress Block EditingAll
2.2 Editing – Inserting Pictures and other media Includes creation and editing of u3a Contacts, Venues and Group data, as well as Events.All
2.3 Editing – Creating and editing u3a Group information and EventsAlso includes rules about pictures and document formatsAll
2.4 Editing – Other formatting choicesWill include changing text fonts, text colours, background colours, adding columnsAll

3. Navigation Menu
How to edit the links in the navigation menuAdministrators
4. Set Home PageUsing the Settings Menu and set Home PageAdministrators
5 News Items and PostsHow to display news items and other notices using PostsAdministrators
6 PluginsGeneral description of Plugins installed on the site and how to find and install othersAdministrators
7 WordPress User ManagementHow to set up additional users with appropriate roles and access rightsAdministrators

Page updated: 22 June 2023