SiteWorks Blog

These articles are cover various topics relating to SiteWorks and WordPress, the SiteWorks project, and the web in general. They include include personal preferences and opinions so treat them as a source of ideas.

Note that some, prefixed Advanced, are generally more suitable for experienced Web Managers and site authors.

  • Project News 2024-05-18

    Update Bulletin emailed to registered contacts The team sent out this news bullet in May 2024 SiteWorks update

  • Project Progress 15th May 2024

    Project Progress 15th May 2024

    Chart showing weekly progress of SiteWorks sites from signing T&Cs to going live.

  • Website styles

    Website styles

    There is a different website design styles out there, much of which stems from sites having various purposes. These are described and discussed.

  • Authoring tips

    Authoring tips

    Advanced, aimed at experienced Web Managers – suggested SiteWorks authoring best practice and tips. Includes points on u3a plugins and ways of working.

  • u3a plugins and the Query Loop

    u3a plugins and the Query Loop

    Advanced. The ‘Query Loop’ garners more questions than any other editing topic. When to use u3a features and when a Query Loop may be appropriate?

  • Project News 2024-05-10

    SiteWorks on The Trust has published a news item on 100 SiteWorks sites.Their u3a sources blog has shared experience of two early u3as Berwick-Upon-Tweed and White Cliff Country…

  • Move a SiteWorks site (unsupported)

    Move a SiteWorks site (unsupported)

    Advanced. Moving a SiteWorks WordPress site to another host (including Local WP) is not supported by the team. Nevertheless, these notes will assist anyone with one approach.

  • Project News 2024-04-28

    April 2024 – One hundred live sites We have reached 100 (28th April) live sites and equally positive is the rate is now well over one a day. A reminder…