Help Desk

We have had a contact form in place since the start of production roll-out. This captured key information and generated an email to an Outlook mailbox. This has served us reasonably well and hopefully we have not overlooked or neglected to follow up on too many requests.

The Help Desk is now using the Zendesk ticketing system. Separate instances of Zendesk are used by the Trust and Beacon system so there is a common product in use across the Trust. A world where there is just one method to contact the Trust on all matters now has one less barrier to overcome.

Progress as of 9th July

This chart shows the status by week from 24th January of the sites that have signed Terms and Conditions (T&Cs).

109 Site Builder sites are still to sign T&Cs, but not all of these will adopt SiteWorks for various reasons.

The team are starting to take action to avoid being overwhelmed with last minute migrations at the end of the year. 15 of the 145 Workbook sites have a dedicated migrator allocated to advise and answer questions. This is what we call the ‘buddying’ pre-migration initiative offered to Web Managers a month after their Zoom session. This programme is being stepped up.