u3a plugins additional attributes (advanced)

The following was posted on the forum and documents how to incorporate the additional information from u3a Groups, Events and Venues into a Query Loop.

To use one of the attributes select the (MFB) Meta Field Block and specify the field name as status_NUM etc. from the list below.
The Block supports optional EMPTY MESSAGE text to display when the attribute has not been set.
They attributes can also be used in any Block that supports metadata.

Some of the fields need to be enabled in u3a settings > Groups tab.

status_NUM – the group status (rendered as text), always provided
day_NUM – the group meeting day (rendered as text e.g. Monday)
time – the group meeting time period (rendered as text e.g. Evening)
startTime – Start Time HH:MM
endTime – End Time HH:MM
frequency – the frequency of group meetings (rendered as text e.g. weekly)
when – the free-text attribute labelled ‘When – additional’
cost – the free-text description of the cost
venue_ID the venue title (rendered as text) from u3a Venues
coordinator_ID – the ‘Group Leader’ name (rendered as text)
coordinator2_ID – the second ‘Group Leader 2’ name (rendered as text)
deputy_ID – may need to enable. Alternative leader.
tutor_ID – may need to enable. Group tutor.
email – the ‘Primary Group email’ (rendered as text)
email2 – may need to enable. Alternative email address.

eventDate – the date of the event rendered using the WordPress date format setting, always provided
eventTime – the time of the event HH:MM
eventEndTime – the finish time of the event HH:MM
eventDays – the number of days duration of the event, always provided, defaults to 1
eventVenue_ID – the venue title (rendered as text) when provided
eventGroup_ID – the name of the organising group (rendered as text) when provided
eventOrganiser_ID – the organiser name (rendered as text) when provided
eventCost – the event cost (rendered as text) when provided
eventBookingRequired – either the word ‘Yes’ or ‘No’

district – may need to enable u3a settings > Venues tab. Free text.
address1 – first line of the address
address2 – second line
– text to describe accessability of the venue e.g. ‘wheelchair access’
url – of the venue or could be a link to a map

Notice Start Date
Notice End Date
Notice url

Use with caution as personal data will be displayed by most of these fields.

u3a Membership Number
Given Name
Family name
Phone number
Alternate phone number
Email address

Technical note

Much of the metadata is stored in the database as numeric values which are either indexes to arrays of pre-set terms or the Post IDs of related custom post types. When rendered using the Meta Field Block, these values are rendered as meaningful text using a hook provided by the MFB Plugin – see the MFB documentaiton