The slug u3a-siteworks-training i.e. the URL refers to the page with the title “Web Manager Resources”
It is linked to from the u3a SiteWorks plugins so do not change the slug/URL without first consulting the Development Team.

Betterdocs updates

The BetterDocs plugin is now working with our theme. Updated to version 3.4.0 on 23-02-2024 after trying on Local WP.

If updating to a more recent version consider first testing this on Local WP. Use the All-in-One WP Migration plugin to do this (it is installed here but not by default on Local WP). The files this creates doesn’t currently exceed the size limit.

Betterdocs layout tweaks

By default the search form takes up a lot of vertical space.
Graham Tigg edited the css file to reduce this. This will need to be redone if BetterDocs is updated.
Tools > Plugin file editor. Select BetterDocs. Expand Assets > Public > css and open search.css
v3.4.0 onwards things have got messy as the file in one continuous line. Try locating .betterdocs-search-form-wrapper and change 50px here
padding: 50px 15px;
to say
padding: 5px 15px;

Also betterdocs-searchform-input-wrap …… height

Click ‘Update file’ (scroll down to find button) and take a look.

The Queue page

This uses a shortcode to the table press plugin. Instructions to update the content to follow in detail (easiest to import a new table and update the shortcode on the Queue page). Note that for it to work save the Excel file as a CSV file and upload that (otherwise table press cannot establish the part of the Workbook in use).