The Change Board, in reviewing OpenProject instances and user feedback will be recommending additional features to enhance both the user and visitor experience. This page lists the proposed additional features and their status. The features are listed in the order that the Change Board has discussed them and approved their inclusion for future releases.

OpenProject RefSummaryChange Board DateStatus
413u3a Venue list widget16/11/23To be allocated
891To provide a “sticky header”, so that the navigation bar always appears at the top of the page.24/11/23To be allocated
914Resolving an issue in which galleries don’t always work in Query Loop24/11/23Implemented
942Adding a “contact button” to replicate Site Builder Bluebird or envelope24/11/23To be allocated
952Reverting the group select buttons to a single line01/12/23In testing
983Remove ‘2nd’ from 2nd Convenor (or equivalent) in Group Page information.24/11/23Implemented
987Currently, emails do not indicate the identity/group they were sent to, which is an issue if a contact leads to more than one group.24/11/23Implemented
748Print option08/12/23In initial development
994Configuration of the group and event listing widget.08/12/23In initial development
995Add support for the Meta Field block to display all group and event metadata08/12/23In development
996Start & end time in group listing08/12/23In testing
999Venue display to differentiate between an event and a Group19/01/24In development
1000Issue with group display widget, when used on an individual group page.19/01/24In testing
1002A choice between horizontal and vertical alphabetic group lists to be provided19/01/24In development
1003Minor text improvements in the core plugin19/01/24In testing
1004Add support for Meta Field block to display all group and event metadata19/01/24In testing

Updated 17 February 2023