Every individual SiteWorks site and account will be fully and automatically backed up on a daily basis. At least two weeks worth of backups will be retained. There will be two copies of each backup, one on your SiteWorks server storage and one off-site in the UK.

A site’s Web Manager will be able to request a restore of their site through the Help Desk.

The  backup processes perform so called incremental backups that only capture site changes from the previous day and are far less demanding of disk space than full backups. The restore capability is fast, tested and proven.

There should be no need for sites to make additional backups, but if this is done the plugins must be configured to make off-site backups, i.e. to Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, DropBox or similar. Full backups take up as much storage as the site itself and storing other backups on the SiteWorks hosting service is in contravention of the SiteWorks Operational Procedures.