c How long will it take and what is involved?

From days to weeks depending on the complexity of a site and the Web Manager’s WordPress experience. Web Managers will be able to take their time training with a self-paced workbook they will be issued. Next, Web Managers are allocated an individual migrator.

The main steps for the Web Manager are:

  • Attend an Introduction to SiteWorks Zoom session
  • Study their training workbook and try things out hands-on on their own computer
  • Be given their Site Builder data to plan their live site
  • Prepare their live site with assistance as necessary from their migrator
  • Go live, including the re-direction of site visitors from Site Builder or their domain.

Site Builder data will be migrated to a SiteWorks production site (not initially publicly visible) for tidying up. Any essential updates that have taken place on Site Builder in the interim will need to be entered into SiteWorks. This period of duplicate updating will be minimised as a result of planning edits in advance using WordPress on your personal computer.