From u3a Site Builder … to WordPress with u3a SiteWorks

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The Project and background

u3a SiteWorks is a volunteer-led project providing WordPress websites to u3as, replacing the existing Site Builder platform.

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Example pages from a SiteWorks website

Over 700 u3as use Site Builder as the website tool to publish and publicise their activities.  This easy-to-use versatile system has been built and maintained by a very small number of dedicated u3a volunteers for over 10 years.

In consultation with the Site Builder volunteers, a decision was taken in 2022 to seek an alternative. We wanted all the qualities of the old system plus the potential to add more features and enhancements in the future. The WordPress system software was selected as the basis for the Site Builder replacement.  It is an open-source set of programs that is straightforward, flexible and scalable, with the potential to provide additional ‘plugins’ for added functionality going forward.
WordPress software is a very popular choice for website creators, it is used by over 40% of websites worldwide (W3Techs 2022).

This website has been built using WordPress.