Implementation team guides

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TrustRegister T&Cs signed with the SiteWorks team (update Beacon)
I&EShared email inbox processing (draft)
I&EImplementation Team steps Part 1 up to Migration – Pam’s notes
I&EBeacon processes for tracking Sites and Web Managers
I&ECreate site card in Open Project v2 done when T&Cs come through
Migration team
(also I&E)
Overview of how we work v5 (presentation)
Migration teamMigration team guide v20 what a migrator does and keeping records (Open Project)
Web ManagerMigration go-live checklist and instructions v19 given to the Web Manager
when a migrator is assigned
Web ManagerOperational Instructions for live sites – see Web Managers menu
Web ManagerPre-migration checklist for Site Builder migrations (a page on this site).