FAQ Category: SiteWorks Project

  • i Terms & Conditions

    These are the SiteWorks hosting Terms & Conditions for u3as. They cover the whole of the UK. Terms & Conditions for u3as For affiliated Networks, Regions, Subject Adviser and Subject Network sites there is this version Networks etc. Terms & Conditions. Note that when invited to join the roll-out programme the first step will be… Read more

  • h What about Regions and Subject Advisor sites?

    Any website officially recognised by the Trust will be able to use SiteWorks hosting. As long as a Web Manager is available they can avail themselves to the same service as u3as migrating from Site Builder or adopt the ‘Starter Site’ option. Read more

  • e What training is available?

    The drop-down menu Web Managers includes a page Learn WordPress with some recommended web links to general WordPress training. It is recognised that these are not an introduction and quite technical in places. There is also an early video specifically on SiteWorks. The Training Team have developed an Introduction to SiteWorks Zoom session and a… Read more

  • g My u3a doesn’t use Site Builder

    All u3as are equally welcome to adopt SiteWorks and take up the Website hosting offering. For u3as that don’t use Site Builder, or are starting from scratch, then a SiteWorks ‘Starter Site’ option with the training and documentation is available. Do note that the purpose and priority for the project is to migrate sites off… Read more

  • c What are the project timescales?

    There is an aspiration to stop supporting SiteBuilder at the end of 2024 but there are no dates for interim project milestones. The reason for this is there are many unknowns. The whole project and volunteer team was created from scratch in late 2022. Challenges include recruitment and training of enough volunteer team members to… Read more

  • a What is the SiteWorks project?

    In consultation with the very small number of dedicated SiteBuilder volunteers a decision was taken to seek an alternative. Most of the qualities of the old system were required plus the potential to add more features and enhancements in the future. u3a SiteWorks is the name of the replacement system. The project is resourced by volunteers… Read more

  • f My u3a uses Beacon.  Will SiteWorks replace Beacon? 

    Beacon and SiteBuilder have separate functions. The focus on the SiteWorks project is to migrate SiteBuilder sites to WordPress with the features available matching SiteBuilder as closely as possible. u3as will need to continue to maintain some groups related information in Beacon and some in SiteWorks, just as they currently do with SiteBuilder.  While nothing official… Read more

  • d Will there be a charge for the SiteWorks hosting provided by the Trust? 

    Updated November 2023 The Terms & Conditions state that charging for SiteWorks production sites will not start until April 2025. An amount isn’t stated, only that the amount charged will be to essentially cover hosting and license costs. While quoting a figure is purely speculation, the author estimates that on current costs the amount would… Read more

  • b What does the SiteWorks project provide to u3as?

    There are several separate elements of the project. Read more