FAQ Category: Hosting

  • c How secure is SiteWorks?

    The team and the SiteWorks hosting company Sarah Hayes have taken a number of steps to protect SiteWorks sites. All the sites hosted on the Sarah Hayes server are protected by: Following discussions with Sarah Hayes we include the Loginizer plugin on all sites to prevent brute force username/password attacks. The SiteWorks configuration plugin enforces… Read more

  • h Videos and space/size limits?

    Our hosting arrangement is essentially based on fair usage of resources across all our sites. As video files take up orders of magnitude more storage space than images and other WordPress media, video file uploads will not be allowed. Videos can be hosted on YouTube or other cloud services. There is a WordPress Embed block… Read more

  • b What backup arrangements will there be?

    Every individual SiteWorks site and account will be fully and automatically backed up on a daily basis. At least two weeks worth of backups will be retained. There will be two copies of each backup, one on your SiteWorks server storage and one off-site in the UK. A site’s Web Manager will be able to… Read more

  • e Will I be sharing my SiteWorks site?

    Each u3a will have its own instance of WordPress and associated database. This includes the core WordPress code, plugins and theme. This means that whatever is changed on your site, such as updating a plugin, will not affect other u3as. The cloud hosting environment – computers and operating system – will be shared as they… Read more

  • d My u3a has a domain name, can I use it?

    A domain name is essentially the main element of a web address, for example u3a.org.uk. Some u3as will have registered a domain name of their choice, for example Hammersmith and Fulham have registered handfu3a.org.uk. Along with your domain name your u3a may be subscribed to hosting and email services. Check that your u3a has access… Read more

  • i Will SiteWorks provide email?

    Partially. Emails can be sent from within SiteWorks by creating forms that generate emails to contacts created on your site. The initial implementation is likely to be simple so, for example, it won’t be possible to see the delivery status of sent emails. Having a subdomain also means you could potentially subscribe to an email… Read more

  • a What hosting is provided?

    Third Age Trust (TAT) has a SiteWorks hosting arrangement in place with a company called Sarah Hayes. They already supply services to the Trust including looking after the main Trust website u3a.org.uk Of course, u3as can make their own hosting arrangements but otherwise be part of the Site Builder to SiteWorks migration. See f Can… Read more

  • f Can the SiteWorks team help if our WordPress site is hosted on our own site? 

    Of course.  Any services provided by the Trust are available to all u3as.  However, the assistance would be limited to the use of the theme and plugins developed for, or selected for use with, the SiteWorks WordPress implementation.  It will be unlikely that the SiteWorks team will be able to help with issues such as… Read more

  • g Can I use the SiteWorks theme and plugins on our existing WordPress website?

    Yes – the theme and plugins have been developed under an open-source licence so they are available for anyone to use or modify without charge or restriction.  The theme is a ‘Block Theme’ and so may not support all the features of your website if it currently uses a ‘Classic Theme’.  If you already have… Read more