FAQ Category: Migration from SiteBuilder

  • j Can I migrate from a non Site Builder site

    There are currently no supported ways to automate moving a non Site Builder site to SiteWorks on the Trust’s hosting service. The most reliable method is largely manual working with an empty “Starter Site”. Content can be copied and pasted into individual SiteWorks pages but will require a degree of tidying up. The Import facility… Read more

  • i What happens to links and bookmarks to a migrated Site Builder site?

    When a Site Builder site is replaced by a live SiteWorks site then the Site Builder site will become inaccessible on the Internet. There will be visitors who will still arrive at the old Site Builder site through links from other sites or their browser bookmarks. The SiteWorks technical team will invoke a process for… Read more

  • h We have password protected Site Builder documents?

    SiteBuilder allows one or more uploaded files to be protected with a combination of a single shared username and password. This means the migration software cannot access these files. WordPress does not provide a system for password protecting access to documents and other media. Consider whether you want to make these SiteBuilder files available without… Read more

  • e Can I start with a fresh SiteWorks site?

    To start with essentially an empty website is the option we call a ‘Starter Site’ and is aimed at u3as that don’t have Site Builder sites. The Starter Site will have the u3a theme and plugins but no content beyond a few fictitious example pages. There will also be a facility to upload group, event,… Read more

  • d What steps can we take to ready our Site Builder site for migration?

    The Pre-Migration Checklist (under the menu Web Managers > New Web Managers) describes how to prepare you Site Builder site in readiness for the best migration experience. If your u3a has a domain name that you want to use for your SiteWorks site make sure you have access to the management facilities for it. Also… Read more

  • f How will my u3a access our SiteWorks site (URL)?

    To give an example, assume your u3a is called Blueberry and browsers use the link (URL) u3asites.org.uk/blueberry to access Site Builder today. On SiteWorks it will be blueberry.u3asite.uk (both links without the https:// and optional www.). The name you choose can be different to that on Site Builder, you will be asked to decide at… Read more

  • c How long will it take and what is involved?

    From days to weeks depending on the complexity of a site and the Web Manager’s WordPress experience. Web Managers will be able to take their time training with a self-paced workbook they will be issued. Next, Web Managers are allocated an individual migrator. The main steps for the Web Manager are described in this article… Read more

  • a When will my u3a migrate?

    With over 700 Site Builder site to migrate the programme will be running for many months. The team will be emailing u3a Web Manager contacts with details on how their u3a’s Business Secretaries, or other Trustees, can review and consent to the SiteWorks hosting Terms & Conditions (see FAQ SiteWorks Project > i Terms &… Read more

  • b How will my u3a be contacted?

    The SiteWorks team are maintaining a database of Web Manager contacts for prospective and production sites. When a u3a has signed the Terms & Conditions following an invitation from the Trust (TAT), the team will contact the Web Manager(s) registered for the u3a. Web Managers and their assistants are invited to keep our contact information… Read more

  • g Will Site Builder continue to be supported?

    The intention is that by the end of 2024, or soon after, all u3as using Site Builder will have had the opportunity to migrate. At this point support for Site Builder is expected to be withdrawn. Read more