Introduction #

The SiteWiorks distribution includes the third-party Independent Analytics plugin to provide web managers or administrators with an overview of site traffic. Full details of the plugin can be found here. This guide provides a quick overview of the plugin and information on extracting data to present to a u3a committee. it should be noted that the data is only visible to users who have logged in with Administrator rights.

As SiteWorks has approved this plugin it is updated as and when Independent Analytics release a new version. The Siteworks team will run several checks to ensure that the update does not impact the system’s overall performance, before applying the update across all SiteWorks sites..

Access to the data is possible via the administrative toolbar or from the dashboard.

Administrative Toolbar Information #

When viewing a page or post, the Administrator can access an overview of a page’s statistics by selecting, X Views, where X is the views in the current day

This gives access to four pieces of data, together with a link to the main Independent Analytics dashboard.

Independent Analytics Dashboard #

The main Independent Analytics dashboard can be selected for the SiteWorks dashboard or by following the link discussed above.

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Updated on 29/03/2024