Revision History

As the site develops, the Website Administrator will need to monitor the revision of pages and posts. This information is accessible in WordPress when editing. It should be noted that the approach in WordPress does not provide any related information including attempted logins etc. We are currently looking at possible third-party plugins to improve site activity records.

In the righthand sidebar, the number of revisions has been recorded, in this case, 36 since the page was created, as shown below:

If the revision number is selected more detail can be viewed, it should be noted that the changed content is shown in HTML format, In the screenshot shown below, a single change has been made to the page title:

  • A slide bar (1), allows each revision to be inspected, and who made the change and when is also shown (2).
  • The change is shown below under Removed and Added, in this case, a single change was made to the page title. In this case, no changes were made to the page content.

If a change to the content is made, the following is displayed

The highlight shows that a small amount of text was removed from a paragraph.

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Updated on 24/06/2024