Change Log

This page will be used to record significant changes to the documentation. It will not record minor typographical, style or similar corrections. The log records changes to the user guide from August 2023.

August 2023
DateGuideReason for Change
13/08/2023Inserting and Formatting TextAdding a border to a text block
13/08/2023Additional BlocksUse of Custom HTML to insert symbols etc.
12/08/2023VariousTo reflect changes following the upgrade to WordPress 6.3: a guide to the Site Editor has been added, and the Block Editor and Workflow guide has been split into two, Block Editor and Publishing a u3a Website for ease of use.
09/08/2023VariousThe section on padding and margins was added.
09/08/2023Block Editor and Publishing OverviewThe section on padding and margins was added
06/08/2023Inserting ImagesAdditional information was added regarding Lightbox and the Gutenslider block
06/08/2023Additional BlocksAdditional information regarding post tags and their use in filtering posts.
06/08/2023Block Editor and Publishing OverviewAccessibility Information added
04/08/2023User ManagementInformation was added regarding setting the user profile, particularly regarding the profile picture and Gravatar.
September 2023
DateGuideReason for Change
22/09/2023Publishing a u3a websiteInformation regarding colour blindness
29/09/2023PluginsAdded additional information regarding plugins in the current release
30/09/2023MigrationAddition information on the parent-child concept and editor options
30/09/2023Block EditorAddition information on the parent-child concept and editor options
DateGuideReason for Change
02/10/2023u3a Specific Dashboard ModuleNew guide added
02/10/2023Password ManagementAll password information consolidated in this guide
04/10/2023Publishing a u3a WebsiteInformation regarding the design of the Home Page move to this guide
16/10/2022Publishing a u3a WebsiteAdditional comments regarding search engines and site configuration have been provided.
18/10/2023VariousAll Docs occurrences in OpenProject have been reviewed, as part of regression testing. All conformed passed, after minor text changes as required.
18/10/2023Publishing a u3a WebsiteInformation regarding Website Terms of Use added.
23/10/23Publishing a u3a WebsiteNote added re Virus Scans
November 2023
DateGuideReason for Change
05/11/2023Media Management &
Inserting Media
Additional clarity regarding using and organising media, including the use of Openverse
06/11/2023TerminologyUpdate to reflect additional terms
07/11/2023Various Changes made regarding new features in WordPress 6.4
13/11/2023Standard Operating Procedures Added as a user guide for reference.
23/11/2023Headers and FootersRenamed from Navigation, additional information regarding adding a link to Terms and Conditions in the Footer
December 2023
DateGuideReason for Change
03/12/2023Widgets and Query LoopsNote added regarding the updating of unsupported plugins.
08/12/2023Event WebpagesInformation regarding shortcodes to configure the listing of events.
10/12/2023Group WebpagesInformation regarding shortcodes to configure the listing of groups.
10/12/2023Media Management
Inserting Images
Renamed Widgets, Shortcode and Query Loops for clarity, and the full list of Shortcodes added.
14/12/2023VariousChanges to links etc, following the update to the latest version of Betterdocs
17/12/2023PluginNote added regarding the updating unsupported plugins.
20/12/2023Headers and Footers
Inserting and Formatting Text
Adding a Social Media Icon.
20/12/2023Navigation and EmailsEditing 404 page.
26/12/2023User ManagementCorrections to permissions and roles
January 2024
DateGuideReason for Change
04/01/2024Login and DashboardAdded summary of the functions available in WordPress settings including Meta Field Box
12/01/2024Group WebpagesInformation regarding a new template to show the group list at the base of all group pages.
February 2024
DateGuideReason for Change
03/02/2024Important InformationAdded a new guide to place all important operational information in one place
12/02/2024Revision HistoryA guide was added to present an overview of how revisions can be tracked.
March 2024
DateGuideReason for Change
09/03/2024User ManagementAdded information regarding deleting a user, and ensuring content is transferred to a new user.
11/02/2024Group WebpagesAdded a query loop approach to displaying the list of u3a groups in different formats.
18/03/2024Shortcodes. Widgets and Query loopAdding information regarding the use of the MFB to present group and event metadata within a query loop..
31/03/2024Home PageConsolidated all information regarding the Home Page design into this guide, and added additional comments regarding Site Builder legacy issues.
May 2024
DateGuideReason for Change
02/05/2024VariousGroup Webpages: Configuration of the u3a Group List Widget and change to group status text from Suspended to Domant.
Event Webpages: Configuration of the u3a Event List widget, and the ability to edit a contact directly from an event page.
Contact Form: The operation and constraints of the provided logging tool are discussed
Inserting and Formatting Text: Information on adding Dropped shadows (added in WordPress 6.5)
21/05/2024Event WebpagesAdded information detailing the ability to suppress the title of the event listing, and adding a custom header.
27/05/2024CSV Input OutputUpdated to reflect changes in the core plugin detailed above (02/05/2024)
June 2024

DateGuideReason for Chane
03/06/2024UsersNoted added regarding the consequences of deleting SwDevAdmin.
What are your feelings
Updated on 03/06/2024