Maintenance Mode

Introduction #

It is good practice, that when extensive revisions to a u3a site are being made, external visitors are prevented from viewing the site and hence the work being undertaken. A u3a website can be placed into Maintenance Mode by the Administrator, as follows:

Selecting Maintenance Mode #

From the Dashboard, select u3a SettingsMaintenance Mode, this will allow the Administrator to access the screen below.

  • Maintenance mode can be enabled using the selection box, A, in addition a reminder can be placed on the main administration page – this is recommended as it ensures that when maintenance is completed, the mode will be deselected.
  • The Administrator can add a text message, B, to advise external visitors and users with author permission and below, of the fact that the site is not currently open.
  • When placed in maintenance mode, an image, C, will be visible to external visitors, a default image is provided, or a replacement can selected from or added to the media library.
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Updated on 2023-12-13