Setting the Home Page

Introduction #

The Home Page is the page that visitors are directed to when they type the principal URL, into their browser. This address will be provided by the SiteWorks team on migration or when a u3a is confirmed as a starter site.

For a new SiteWorks site, the Home Page is set to the page named Welcome, and Web Master can edit this in any way they choose, to ensure the page describes their u3a and provides information that will encourage new members to join, and provide current members with easy access to the information they require. Some points to consider when designing the home page are discussed here, this contrasts with Site Builder where the Home Page solely consists of a single image.

For those sites migrated from SiteBuilder, the home page will be set to the page that was used in Site Builder, usually called Home. If that is acceptable to the webmaster, then no changes need to be made, but if the Home Page needs to be changed, the process is described below.

Setting the Home Page #

From the Dashboard select SettingsReading option from the main menu, do not select u3a Settings by error:

This will open a screen where the Home Page may be set from the list of pages available as follows:

  • Before editing the home page information, it is recommended the site is put into maintenance mode, to prevent visitors from accessing the site as changes are made. This message, A, confirms the site is in Maintenance Mode, for further information refer to this user guide.
  • Ensure that the Static Page option is selected, in B.
  • In the pull-down menu, C, select the page that you wish to use as your home page.
  • Select Save Changes at the bottom of the page to confirm.

When you have completed the modifications, you should disable Maintenance Mode, allowing external visitors to view the revised site.

Other settings on this page should not be changed from their defaults.

Editing the Home Page #

Once set, the page that has been set as the Home Page, can be edited using the block editor. As part of the publishing and management of the site care must be taken to ensure that the page is eye-catching to draw visitors to the site.

It is recommended that the Home Page includes the Notice widget – for rapid communication of changes to members, together with the Events widget.

It is important to note that a SiteWorks front page can be made far richer than the single image that would be placed on a Site Builder home page. Web Master and their committees are encouraged to think creatively.

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Updated on 2023-12-13