Error 404 Page

Introduction #

A 404 error is produced when the website’s server can’t find the page that the site visitor is trying to access either via a hyperlink or entering a URL in their browser. In these cases, any link to a page that isn’t there, or a link with an error in the URL is termed a dead or broken link. If the server produces this error, the visitor is taken, by design, to the page, which is called the 404 page. This informs the visitor of the error and also confirms that the site is still active. In SiteWorks the following outline page is available:

Editing the 404 Page #

If the Website Administrator wishes, the page provided in the SiteWorks distribution can be edited to provide more information or a more attractive or informative layout. sorry

From the Dashboard ⇒ Appearance ⇒ Editor Templates ⇒ Page: 404, the page can then be edited in the normal manner. The page Headers and Footers should not be edited from this page. An example of a modified page is shown below:

What are your feelings
Updated on 20/12/2023